Can you select patches with MIDI?

Haven’t bought the pedal yet but when I get the money I totally am. The central theme of my board is that I’m gonna manipulate MIDI pedals (chase bliss and meris) with a single board computer running max msp and I wanna include this pedal but I wanna know if the different patches can be recalled via midi and how fast can each patch load to would be nice to know as well.


Yes you can switch patches with Program Change messages. The OWL Pedal and Modular have 40 patches:

The Alchemist and Wizard come with four patches pre-loaded and you can store lots more.

You can also control patch parameters by MIDI, see this table for mapping MIDI to parameters:

Time to change patch: it’s fast. I’d be surprised if any patch takes more than 1/10th of a second to start. It’s really instant.

Oh wow that’s fantastic to hear haha. I’m excited. So I saw you guys are working on a new firmware that’s gonna allow us to delete the premade patches and replace them with our own right? How’s the progress on that going? Cuz that would be even more amazing.

So is there any way to send MIDI program change messages from an OWL pedal (or a Wizard/Alchemist…)? I have an idea for a very useful application…

Yes there is!

There’s a new-ish addition to the C++ Patch class:
void sendMidi(MidiMessage msg);

In addition the MidiMessage class has some handy helper functions, so for a program change (PC) you can do:
sendMidi(MidiMessage::pc(channel, program))

You can also use the pgmout object in Pure data.

beta release here: OWL Pedal and OWL Modular beta OpenWare release v20.3

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Thanks for the info. Looks like I need to spend more time on Pure Data, or maybe even dive into C++…

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Awesome! that’s great to hear!

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