Granular patch for Lich (inspired by Clouds)

Lovely. Just LOVELY!!!

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Is it correct that the Dry/Wet and Feedback are controlled through midi only

Any idea of the OWL allows for a buttonhold+pot combination?

It would be great to have e.g. Button 1 + A pot to control Feedback and Button 2 + B pot to control Dry/Wet

Enjoying my time with this patch so far regardless so thanks!

Yes unfortunately. This particular patch definitely wants more than four parameters available on the panel and I opted for what felt like the most important ones. I could do something like what you’ve suggested where the knob assignment changes based on button presses, but it wouldn’t be possible to separate that from the Freeze and Trigger functions that are already on the buttons. With Trigger this may not be such a big deal, but since Freeze is a toggle, I could see that getting annoying.

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Well that’s MIDI only on Lich, but for instance Genius gives you access to all 40 parameters in its UI and a modulation matrix routing CV for 2 inputs / outputs to any patch parameters. Or we have 20 CV channels that can be set as input or output on Magus (it has no gate inputs though, so patch would have to be adjusted to use parameters instead of buttons).

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Ah makes sense I completely overlooked Freeze as a toggle 🤦