My owl pedal seems to be bricked

I have a first version Owl pedal that I’ve never updated. I had not used the pedal for sometime when I pulled it out the other day and plugged it in. I get no lights and when I engage the footswitch, the only thing that happens is my volume drops to near zero. Pressing the LED button while powering up does nothing. Looking inside, I see that 1) there is a surface-mount LED that lights up on the daughter board. 2) both boards are labeled Rev 06. 3) There is flux all over all the connections. Related topics point to a list of procedures somewhere on the old hoxtonowl website which is unreachable. Please tell me how to get this pedal working again! TIA

The only thing that you need from the old wiki is info about forcing DFU mode. If it works for you, it should be possible to install new firmware version by following this or one of the many similar topics here.

Thanks for the info. I moved the jumper and powered up the pedal. Is the LED supposed to come on in forced DFU mode? I get no activity. I’ve tried to power up the pedal first with a USB connection to my computer and then just using a -9v pedal supply. In either configuration, powering up with the LED button pressed yielded no results either.

You don’t need to press button as DFU is forced by that pin connection. So you should check if you see a new USB DFU device is visible in your OS and try to update it with WebDFU or dfu-util program.

I think you shouldn’t need to use 9V to power it in this case.

No device shows up in Windows 10- WebDFU sees nothing to connect to. What else can I try?

If you can’t get DFU to work and don’t see any signs of life when connecting to USB host port at all, I’m not sure that we’re not dealing with a hardware failure here.

I would say you should wait for @mars to see this thread or you can try to arrange sending it for repair with an email to info at rebeltech dot org.

Hiya @Road_Kill, sorry to hear you’re having OWL problems.

In DFU mode the LED will not come on, but if it works then the device should be recognised one way or another by Windows and you should see it in the Device Manager as an “ST Microelectronics STM32 DFU device”, or generic USB device, or something.

If that works then see if Chrome finds it, using WebUSB for OWL.

You are using Chrome, or Chromium, right? I don’t think any other browser supports WebDFU. And did you try installing a libusb driver with Zadig as mentioned on that page?

If none of that works then send us an email and we’ll arrange a return!

good luck,


The pedal does not show up as a device and thus WebUSB (Chrome) doesn’t see it. I don’t even get an unknown device to hang a driver on. I’ve sent a letter to info at rebeltech dot org. Thanks.