Anybody had OwlSim work on a MAC?

I tried to get OwlSim-osx-vst-0.2 working on my MAC with the softs MuLAB, Audacity, … but it not working. This version of the vst is not recognized as a VST.

Did somebody get it to work ?

@OpenWareLab: Which MAC software did you test OwlSim-osx-vst-0.2 with ?

Hi Palygab,

On Mac we usually test OwlSim in Reaper. Works fine.
We should release a new OwlSim binary with the next general software release (March).


I tried it with reaper and it is working fine with the provided effects. I will try building my own effects with that.

Their must some kind incompatibility or version issue between MULAB and the OwlSim VST.


OwlSim works fine in Ableton Live too.
With Audacity I could never get my head around the plugin workflow - it only does offline sample processing, right?

I think you right, Audacity does only offline processing.

Now that OwlSim works, I will try effect programming.

Thanks for the help

Might be good to mention somewhere on the download page that the plugin only works in 64bit hosts (i think?). Took me awhile to figure out why it wasn’t working in the 32bit version of Live and Reaper seems to start up a 64bit vst host even when running the 32bit version.

Thanks Jaeysin, that’s good to know. We’re a couple of releases behind on OwlSim but I’m not sure we currently have the resource ourselves to bring it up to date with Win/Lin/Mac builds. Anyone fancies doing a bit of building on their platform of choice?