Audio is running as 24 bit?


I have a pedal- awesome product!

I want to do more hacking with it…

I know this has come up before, but I am still confused…

I know the audio CODEC is 24 bit …BUT: is the Owl running the audio @ 24 bit?

If yes, great…

If no…can it be changed to 24 bit and run the same patches, etc?



Great, glad you like it!
Yes the codec runs at 24 bits / 48kHz by default. The samples are converted to 32 bit float, and all processing is done in 32 bits floating point.
We’ve considered making some fixed point patches, but because the ARM chip has a very good FPU there is not much performance gain, unless you go down to 16 bit and then the loss of quality will be quite noticeable.

Hi Martin:

Great, thanks!

Could I have a private discussion w/you?


sure, email info at rebeltech dot org