Bad noise with some patches

Hi, I have problems with some Lich Patches which are full of noise. Others work perfectly.

The bad ones (that I want dearly to work): Silky Reverb and Tap Tempo Delay (Pingpong-Delay). Some other delays have the same problem (Tempo-Synced Delay, Ping Pong Lich, Delaytrix). Turning the A-knob brings bad noise.

In contrast, most of the patches are ok: Harmonic Oscillator, Grainz, Melsputter, Free Verb, Arp-Shifter, Arp with Delay, PingPong w/mod, Fripp-in-a-box, Jot-Reverb, Owlgazer Shimmer Reverb, Rings Reverb. Dual Frequency Shifter …

Any hint to solve this?

There are several topics here related to crackling noise that you get when changing delay lines length, which is exactly what the “bad” patches you’ve mentioned here do with parameter A.

You might have some luck convincing @damikyu to tweak his Delaytrix patch to battle this issue. However, there’s already some sort of adaptive smoothing done on that parameter in that particular patch, so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be enough for you - might be some extra noise somewhere in your module.

Also, the new OWL3 is using a more performant MCU that happens to have significantly cleaner ADC inputs, so you could consider getting it if your device uses OWL2 board.

I don’t have a lot of time available to work on patches lately, but if you can make a video demonstrating the issue with Delaytrix it could be a fun diversion to investigate. I tried to do my best to avoid the zipping that can occur when changing delay line lengths, but it’s possible that with some types of sound sources in combination with some delay lengths that artifacts are more audible. It’s also possible that the audio buffer length setting makes a difference. I primarily tested on Genius, which @antisvin recently pointed out has a much larger default audio buffer length than the Lich with an OWL2 board.

I also just loaned out my Lich, so I wouldn’t be able to test any changes on your target hardware (assuming you have a Lich with OWL2).

I have the new OWL3 board. On youtube are some reviews with the included Silky Reverb and Tap Tempo Delay. These sound totally different to mine.
As a new user, I cannot upload anything. You could download two sound samples from here:

I try to do a video of Delaytrix.
Thank you both for your answers!

I did the video with Delaytrix. You can download it here:

A and C knobs make noise.

I’ve been programming away which gave me a chance to get analytical on unexpected noise.
On my unit (kit with owl3) I’ve got plenty of noise coming in on off the parameter C input.
Haven’t checked the pot physically yet, I expect a grounding issue. Noise sounds like the typical usb/computer type stuff.
Anyway, wasn’t going to mention yet. but seems relevant.

In other news, since the update to owl3 I’ve experienced a heavily distorted sound while getting audio from the pc over usb. Sorry I haven’t had time to troubleshoot, sounds like bit crushing. It’s not a problem because I don’t use Lich for that, just happens unexpectedly when I don’t switch my regular soundcard on.

Anyway, touching down, hoping to have some interesting stuff to show by the time Befaco visit Norwich.