Befaco AC/DC board hot

Hi folks, I just got my diy kit from befaco and built their ac/dc module that is based on your OWL platform. All works fine, and I am able to record and communicate with the module however the chip is getting a bit hot, not really hot that you can’t keep your finger on it but unusual for eurorack module to get that hot. Just curious if that is normal for this chip? Thanks

The chip should be working at around 60º Celsius
So what you describe seems normal!

Thank you! Then all seams to work ok. Great module, happy to have it

Do you have a habit of touching your digital modules’ chips while they are working? :wink:

This sort of temperature is expected, i.e. Daisy Seed has the same MCU and users are often surprised how hot it gets. So far I haven’t heard of anyone getting any sort of damage to it due to overheating.

lol you almost got me! Maybe I have a habit to smell brand new things from packaging but touching chips not really :slight_smile:
I was a bit worried that the module is getting hot and I thought I made a bridge while soldering the components.
thanks for the info again… so far module works perfectly, love it!