Beginners Witch Question

Hi, I have a Witch on its way from Befaco, before it arrives I’ve been reading as much as I can about it so I can get up and running when it arrives. One thing I can’t find is how many patches can the Witch store at any time?

40 patches can be stored. First 8 can be selected with buttons, remaining are only accessible with MIDI. The limitation is because there’s no dedicated controls for selecting patches, it’s done with 4 buttons each having 2 LEDs of different colors.

Hi, thanks for that!


“remaining are only accessible with MIDI”

I’m guessing that I can access the other patches through a MIDI controller? If so can you let me know how? Thanks in advance😀 (I’m a beginner at these things)

Yes, you can configure a MIDI controller to send standard Program change command. This is the same as pretty much any existing synth supporting MIDI, so should definitely be possible with any controller. By default OWL response to MIDI data for any MIDI channel. I think in this case patch number passed as value should be in [1…40] range as value 0 is reserved for patch loaded in memory.

You can also select patches in your browser from the device page of patch library.

Thanks for your help :grinning: