Building OwlSim Vst with Visual Studio 2017

Hello, I’m having an issue getting OwlSim to compile properly so I was hoping someone might be able to lend a hand. As the title suggests, I’m using VS2017. I’m getting a linker error from the VST3 SDK :

unresolved external symbol Steinberg::Vst::PlugInterfaceSupport::PlugInterfaceSupport(void) referenced in public: Steinberg::Vst::HostApplication::HostApplication(void)

Any thoughts on how to get this linked up correctly? Thanks~

Ok, I figured it out! Turns out that all of the recent changes to VST and JUCE recently mean that it’s best to leave the VST path blank in the Projucer so it will use the internal version instead of the version downloaded from the Steinberg site.