Building OwlSim with current OwlPatches

hi all

this is from github: building OwlSim with current OwlPatches · Issue #17 · pingdynasty/OwlSim · GitHub

I’m not really sure where to dig…I step by step guide on how to proceed when developing an own patch would be nice - from building owlsim with an own patch, until loading a new firmware onto the pedal. what do you think? the information is there I know, but there are some traps…


Hi Ben, thanks for bringing this over to the forum.

There are traps, and what we’re working on at the moment is a new workflow which avoids them altogether. The biggest part of the solution will be to release a firmware version which will let you add patches without replacing the entire firmware.

In the meantime, I suggest you ignore the git submodule versions and instead:

  • check out latest OwlWare release (not master): git checkout Rev04.005
  • go to your OwlWare/Libraries/OwlPatches and check out the master branch: git checkout master
  • optionally, create a branch in OwlPatches for your own code and changes: git checkout -b mylovelybranch

you can then select what patches you want to include by editing includes.h and patches.cpp.

Sorry this process is still convoluted and messy, we’re hoping to release the much improved method soon!

ok. then I just checkout owlware, in there checkout my own owlpatches, and then build the .bin, right? and then load it onto the owl with owlware. looking back, the VST/AU/CoreAudio was a much bigger mess.

and yes, with the sim I already found out about the includes.h and patches.h - there is just that annoying thing that I can nomore build the sim, see github. nevertheless, I will just checkout my old patches head, and continue there, until your new method is out.

and thanks for that great pedal. I’m still scratching the surface…


oops, ignore that!

Just realised you’re talking about OwlSim, not the firmware!

I’m having a look at OwlSim now…

…it’s about both, about the complete workflow, from testing in Reaper/Ableton, until uploading to the pedal.

I’ve not yet tried to upload to my pedal, will do that as soon as possible. I’m quite sure it will work…it’s just about the traps here and there…

We usually build OwlSim with a minimal patch set, or just the one patch, to test and debug.

ok, thx! can you confirm that that BlipperPatch doesnt compile on OwlSim?

ok, just dropped my first make dfu. the BlipperPatch works with OwlWare…just to let you know.


BlipperPatch: yes, since this is written in Faust, and currently the Faust->OWL converter doesn’t generate code that is compatible with OwlSim. So yes, I can confirm it doesn’t compile on OwlSim, and neither does any other Faust patch - though they work fine on the pedal.