Bus Error on OWL

Some of you with OWL Modular or OWL Pedal hardware that are still running the OwlWare firmware might have experienced Bus Errors when loading newer patches.

The problem appeared recently when we extended the max patch size, to make full use of the memory available on OWL mkII devices (ie Alchemist, Wizard, Magus, Lich).
Unfortunately this caused errors when loading those patches on the OwlWare firmware.

I’ve fixed the problem on the server and in OwlProgram (develop branch) so re-compiling those patches will fix the problem. Now only rare patches that exceed 80k in size (and I don’t know if we even have any of those) will cause an error on OwlWare.

If there’s a particular patch giving you a Bus Error let me know and I’ll get it recompiled.

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thank you so much… your support is amazing… so gratefull!!

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