Can you plugin DC power while USB is plugged in?

I just want to know if I plug them both in if it will be to much power and screw up the pedal. Because I don’t want to do that obviously

We recommend that you only have one power source connected at a time.

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Alright so is there a way to turn off usb power then? because my usb is a bit loose so I’d rather power it with DC. I have had both plugged in though up til this point and it seems to be alright though

Yes in normal use you’ll be fine. Otherwise there is a jumper inside the OWL that allows you to disconnect USB power, but I think it’s a bit hard to reach.

Could you show me a picture that shows where the jumper is at? I’m getting a 120 cycle hum when connected via usb to my raspberry pi now. I’m hoping getting rid of usb power will remedy the issue

It is JP1, between pots A and B (1 and 2), top left in this picture: