Cannot calibrate lich

Connected to Lich v20.10
Patch loaded: Calibration
Module reading: Sample Low: 408.24

I’m putting 4.973 and -4.87, I’m clicking calibrate and store settings… load test patch again and values are exactly the same… (and of course midi to cv returns bad voltages)

any ideas? thanks

Hi Stefan,

is this when using the Test Calibration procedure?

Note that to do the test, you have to use the Test High and Test Low buttons on the web page, they are different (ie output different voltages) from the calibration buttons.

Also, calibration procedure was explained in this video - Befaco Lich - Demo and Build video - YouTube

yes, you are right… Test button returns 4.99 and -4.99.

But still when I connect my usb midi keyboard, on C keys I’m getting: 0.212V, 1,231, 2,251, 3.269, 4.288, 5.307… so it is far from perfect

Yes that’s really not good. Is that with a load on the output? I.e. the output should be connected to something apart from the multimeter, such as the 1v/oct input of your oscillator.

If you test (or calibrate) with nothing but the voltmeter connected to the output then the results might be misleading. Plugging it into a modular input adds apprx 100k Ohm load.

Or maybe the patch is not quite right. Could you pls try with this, latest version: