Can't reach max value

Hi all.

I turned knobs Full CW, and monitored with owl control, it seems not to be reached max value.
I used v12.
Is there any settings about knobs value?

There is no configuration setting for the knob range or offset, as the analogue scaling circuit has been quite reliable. The analogue circuit uses the -12V supply as a reference to offset the knob value, which is scaled, inverted, and summed with the CV input. (In hindsight, it would have been better to use a negative precision voltage reference, but this is the design decision we took at the time.)

What this means, is that if your power supply outputs e.g. -12.1V instead of -12v exactly, you might get too much of an offset and the knob won’t reach the full ADC range. This would be quite unusual.

Do you have access to a voltmeter to check the output voltage of your PSU?