Compatible Patch

I’m wondering, now that you have, owl, lich, witch, magus etc… Do we have a patch to quickly adapt one device patch to another device ?

That could only work from one device to a bigger device with more parameters. Lich could get Owls, Magus could get Lichs and Owls… Sometimes changing the trig inputs to “threshold CV inputs”. And I guess we need the same samplerate and block size for some patches. Also, I don’t know about langages translation. What would be the right process ? First, translate to C++ then adapt from one device to another ? Or vice versa ?

Would you see inevitable issues ? I’m asking because I only have Magus and I used Owl before. So I am not familiar with all devices. But that would be nice for the lazy ones like me.

Or maybe I’m totally missing something…

Currently a patch can use up to 40 parameters and up to 8 buttons. If I don’t miss anything, current devices have:

  • 0 - 20 parameter inputs
  • 0 - 20 parameter outputs
  • 0 - 4 button inputs
  • 0 - 1 button outputs

As you see, whenever we look at parameter or button for input or output, it will be missing on some device. So a truly universal patch is not possible.

Typically I keep a particular device in mind when writing a patch, to ensure that available inputs/outputs are utilized in optimal way. Other than that, you can add missing hardware functionality with a MIDI controller. Also, anything with a display and an encoder makes using large number of parameters much easier. Well, you should know that as a Magus owner!

Yup, we’ve discussed this with Martin before, specifically for Magus. It could be done by adding a method like .registerButton() in your patch that would use one of unitilized CV inputs. I had some incomplete code for this somewhere.

It can’t be changed in current firmware, but for C++ you have access to getBlockSize()/getSampleRate() methods and you should always use them. Legacy OWL firmware supported it, but it’s unlikely to be added to new firmware any time soon as it also handles USB audio and supports more codecs.

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