Complie error C2872: 'AudioBuffer' : ambiguous symbol


Complining with VS2013.

VST SDK is where it expects C:\SDK

I get 30+errors like this: …‘AudioBuffer’ : ambiguous symbol…

Error 1 error C2872: ‘AudioBuffer’ : ambiguous symbol (…\Source\SampleBuffer.cpp) c:\owl\owlsim-master\source\stompbox.h 41 1 OwlSim

What’s missing?

FWIW, I did get OwlControl compiled and running before trying OwlSim


I’ve not compiled OwlSim in a long time…!
I think the problem stems from both OWL and Juce code having a class called AudioBuffer.
There is a setting for Juce called DONT_SET_USING_JUCE_NAMESPACE which disables the using namespace juce directive. Perhaps try that?
Or try changing the header include order. I’ll see if I get a little bit of time to run this build on a Win machine soon.

Thanks, Martin. That worked. I put DONT_SET_USING_JUCE_NAMESPACE in the precompiler directives.

It then complained about OwlPatches\include.h begin missing. Actually the entire OwlPatches directory was empty.

Grabbed more source. Commented out some patches in include.h and their registrations due to other missing include files that the patches referenced and it works.