Cv, gate and button access wizard in PD

Hi, I searched for a while but couldn´t find out which objects need to be created in pure data to get access to the gate and cv ins and outs on the wizard. The button input pd-object of the owl is mentioned in the secound tutorial but how to call the different knobs on the wizard? Would be great if somebody could tell me that and what number ranges need to be sent to the pd-objects that represent the cv and gate outputs. thanks!

Hi Milenio!

You can get knob and CV values with a ‘receive’ object: r Channel-X, where X is the parameter name, ie Channel-A to Channel-E for the inputs on the Wizard.

On the Wizard, when you use the two CV inputs A and B, they are attenuated with the knobs A and B. This means you can set the amount of modulation over CV. The patch simply receives a parameter value, which may be from the knob position, CV or both.

All parameter values, inputs and outputs, are between 0.0 (inclusive) and 1.0 (exclusive). Triggers are high iff the value is greater than 0.5.

For trigger inputs you can currently use the OWL naming which is r Channel-Push for trigger A. To set the output trigger use a ‘send’ with the same name: s Channel-Push.

We need to update this scheme to support the full set of buttons on the Wizard, and the CV outputs. A pre-release version will be deployed on our staging website soon which also offers full support for notein/out, ctlin/out and more.

Hey Martin,

I was wondering if the support for the buttons on the wizard where added?
if so, what are the parameter names?

Also, are the pre-installed patches available anywhere?



Just been working on this. The four buttons on the wizard can now be accessed with Button-A, Button-B, Button-C and Button-D. Channel-Push, as used by the OWL Pedal and Modular, can also be used as a synonym for Button-A.

For the trigger and CV outputs we have to use the Heavy @hvparam identifier, which also unfortunately disallows use of hyphens, or dash, in the parameter name. Which means we need a different set of names for outputs.

I’ve tentatively implemented it as CV_F, CV_G and TR_F to match the names we’ve given the outputs on the Wizard.

To send a trigger output you would do something like this: send TR_F @hv_param

To use the CV output it would be: send CV_F @hv_param

I have also added support for notein, ctlin, touchin and pgmin, which gives Pd patches the ability to receive MIDI data directly from a connected device, or the computer.

Support for MIDI output is also ready to go but will require an patch to Heavy. Seems that their noteout et al don’t work with the relatively new @hv_param nomenclature yet. For the meantime I have updated the hvcc instance on our live server but if you are using a local installation it will silently fail to produce MIDI output. I will see if they will accept a patch.


As a point of discussion, I’d welcome everyone’s feedback on this.

I’ve personally never really liked our parameter naming convention: Channel-A et c. It also now turns out to be incompatible with Heavy @hv_param nomenclature. What do you think would be a better naming approach?

Option 1 (current):
Channel-A, Channel-Push, Button-A for inputs
CV_A, TR_A for outputs

Option 2:
PARAMETER_A, BUTTON_A, et c. for inputs and outputs

Option 3:
something else?


Any update on this?
I’m trying to get midi out of my owl modular, and I can’t get it to work.

PD [noteout] or [ctlout] seem to fail silently…

could the PD template be updated with a working example? I can get midi from the OWL using


Here is something I was using to test MIDI and CV out on Wizard:

Does that work for you?

Disclamer: I’m a complete clown when it comes to Pure data!

Partially OK,
TL;DR (ctlout works when using CV_F and CV_G, noteout does not work at all)

the @hv_param notation works for CV_F and CV_G it’s sending controller messages as described in

The ctlout, noteout, bendout do not work at all (I’m on OWL firmware v14)

The button does send something when pushed/released
20:07:34.930 From OWL-MIDI Control 1 Controller 30 84
20:07:35.164 From OWL-MIDI Control 1 Controller 30 42

but it does this whether or not it is connected to the noteout/ctlout/…

I tried using a custom “heavy compatible” noteout object as I read somewhere on the heavy forum (a post by you If I remember correctly) but still no go… owl_modular_patches/noteout.pd at master · kaosbeat/owl_modular_patches · GitHub

I made a partial workaround by making this patch
It will just send different CC values but only uses the CV_F controller channel. However this is limiting to me as well as crashing on too many concurrent messages.
I tried using the other “beyond E” parameters (like AA, AB, AC, …) by using [s CV_AA @hv_param] but no go

other weirdness that is possibly PD related:

  • When patching a signal in the left audiobus, I trigger the right bus as well, when triggering the right bus, I only trigger the right bus

  • because the [r Channel_E] has no attenuator knob, this channel is always sending (noisy) data at a high rate. is this normal? can I set the sensitivity somehow?