CV out's help in wizard!

Please tell me how to assign CV exits in max gen with Wizard .
try do like in PD but it didn’t work , thx !

__one more question, please tell me somebody, can I assign CV in A and Parameter A
separately from each other ? The question is whether it is possible to separately take the cv input?
Thx u !


The problem we have with gen~ is that it doesn’t have a facility for output parameters in the same way we have send in Pure data.
This is a limitation with gen~ with no obvious workaround. There may be a way to use the ‘history’ object to update output values, but it’s not working in the current version.

As a work-around, what we’re planning to do is support additional outputs from the patch and assign them to the CV outputs. This way, when you create a patch with say 4 outputs in gen~, the first two will assigned to the audio left and right outputs, and the other two to the CV outs.

No I’m afraid not! The two signals are combined in the analogue realm and presented as one value. When you plug a an input into CV A or B, the knob becomes an attenuator for the (analogue) CV signal. This means that the Wizard can be used with Eurorack level CV signals by just turning the level down, with no loss in resolution at the ADC.

thanks for the fast reply .
I will really wait for the update for gen to work with CV Outs
thanks again )

Hello !
Tell me, you do not deal with this issue? I really want to use the wizard, and as much as possible in gen, cv doesn’t have enough output in gen ) , thanks!

Hi Likemushi,

I’m afraid I don’t have a quick and tested solution for you right now. We will get around to implementing this support in gen~ at some point but I can’t promise you when. Sorry!

If you or someone else wants to add this support then the C++ class to look at is GenPatch:

This is our gen~ wrapper and it assigns parameters and audio streams. The bit near the end simply runs the gen~ patch with two static audio buffers, but this could be updated to allow more buffers, and then update some OWL parameters.

I’m can try ) , thank for sharing!