Digital noise with audio effects

Hello All.

Wondering if my issue with being unable to remove the stuck USB B cable from the port is causing issues with FX pass through. Im getting intermittent digital noise with the delay and reverb standard patches. Everything working in terms of pots and jacks and the Hamonic oscillator doesn’t display this noise at all. Calibration worked well and checked out as per the guide and voltages on the board were spot on during smoke test time.

I initially thought this might be a soldering issue but the noise is most definitely digital in nature. It seemingly comes in waves as well.

Any help gratefully received. @Befaco might be able to help too I hope. Especially with the stuck USB cable.

Im going to reflow as well soon to see if that improves things

Solved: The RHS pot that has a leg cut off was cut off too near the bottom of the pot casing, this must have caught one of the metal case securing legs that secure the top of the pot to the wiper base, clamped put back together and soldered both halves back together securely. Hey presto - no noise.

Still doesn’t solve the issue of the stuck USB cable :frowning:

Unsolved: Still doing it.

Pots C and D appear to be causing or to be interacting with crackly noises and/or noise in the patches to do with FX - they work without issue with oscillator or sound generating patches so am not convinced they’re the cause in the round.

We had a couple of USB stuck cases before… not sure if the source is the connector or provided cables…
The source of the issue are the little ledges within the USB connector. If you stick thin tweezers or something between the USB and the conenctor, you can bend them a bit so it will go out with some pulling.
Anyway you can writeto for further help!

Thank you. This was fixed by having to brute force it out of the socket , the side of the sockets bent outwards and have now been cut off to prevent a re-occurance. Perhaps it might be useful to put something in the build guide to remind builders to check the socket retention clips on the side are bent in properly to prevent this. It was pretty aggrevating and has left me with a freshly built unit that looks less than ideal and had to run the risk of damaging the unit whilst the resolution was looked for.


Get in contact with support so you can get a connector replacement!

Thank you, will do and link back to this thread.