Do I have a dead OWL?

Hi, so I have an OWL Pedal that I bought 8 years ago…! After struggling with various issues at around firmware 12, I went away and did some other stuff…now, though, I really want to integrate it into my new pedalboard…

I followed the process for updating v1 pedals…and everything seems fine, I can connect to the pedal, load patches…it all looks good apart from one small detail…I can’t hear anything. Bypassing gives me audio, but no amount of pressing and fiddling gives me any audio when the OWL is engaged. How do you think I should proceed…seems like such a shame, when the whole workflow is so much improved now. Btw I experienced the same problem in v12 too…obviously it has worked at some point, a few years ago.

Can anybody help or should I begin the mourning process…?

So you say there’s no audio output both on V12 and the new (V21/22.X) firmware? This does sound like a hardware issue, because installing new FW would reset your volume and everything should be working after that.

IIRC, bypassed audio on OWL pedal is done in analog, so it’s expected to work even if you have a faulty codec or something like that.

You could try to arrange repairs with an email to info @ rebeltech . org unless @mars has other suggestions.

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