Documentation? Firmware?

Where is the documentation for things like midi cc numbers and such? It used to be on the Hoxton website but I see that no longer exists anymore. Also, hate to be a nag but when is that new firmware coming out? You said it was gonna be done awhile ago @mars

Martin was sending some signs of life in github repo a week and a half ago, so I hope things are not too bad for him during the plague season.

Anyway, you can check out MIDI details here - OpenWare/OpenWareMidiControl.h at master · pingdynasty/OpenWare · GitHub . This is for new firmware that runs on all Rebeltech devices.

If you’re on Owl pedal/module with old firmware, its source is at OwlWare/OpenWareMidiControl.h at master · pingdynasty/OwlWare · GitHub .

There are some differences in SysEx commands, as new firmware has more features. OTOH, I think that not everything that is defined in that file is actually working in new firmware. But at least you should be able to use it as reference for CC numbers.


I have just started a new documentation repository here using GitHub pages.
Nothing much on there yet, but will be filling in the gaps as best I can. Contributions are as always very welcome!

We’ve stalled several times bringing the old MediaWiki back online, due to server problems, outdated versions of the software, and… well, MediaWiki. Hopefully this will be more reliable than the old beast.

I’ll write some docs about Faust plugins writing to document Owl-specific metadata and various features added to arch file. Actually was going to ask if we can have some kind of public repo for documentation, so good timing.

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