Expired certificate on rebeltech site


I’ve just dusted off my OWL pedal and visited the rebeltech website for the first time - on the day that the SSL certificate expired! Seems like the dead certificate means it’s not possible to connect a device currently.

You probably already know about it but thought I’d do a quick report in case.



I’ve pinged Martin and hopefully he’ll notice it and update certificate later today.

Btw, you could still upgrade firmware while web patcher is not accessible, especially if you’re still running the legacy firmware.

Ah great, cheers for that.

Yes, I updated the firmware so it’s hopefully ready to rock once I can grab some patches.

Looks like order is finally restored in the universe and we have a new certificate

Ooh! Exciting…trying now…

Hi, I’m seeing expired SSL certs today (28 Jun 2022) too. Joining the convo to let people know and to hear back when it gets resolved.

@dxinteractive , it’s working now. I’ve got in touch with Martin and apparently SSL certificates are updated automatically now, but it needs a restart for web server to be applied. Hopefully that would be resolved too and we won’t see this sort of outages again.