FAUST's quantizers.lib not suported in OWL?


I wanted to upload a patch with qu.[ionian, dorian, ..., N] but when trying to compile it I get this error:

/tmp/owl/owl-src-9gHsLm/bitseq.dsp : 57 : ERROR : undefined symbol : qu make[1]: *** [/tmp/owl/owl-build-7OLvoP/Source/FaustPatch.hpp] Error 1 make: *** [faust] Error 2 ERROR: Patch build failed.

Does it not support the quantizers.lib?

It’s a recent addition to FAUST and we have an older version on server at the moment. Apparently it runs a rather old Linux version and we can’t rebuild FAUST until OS itself gets updated. There’s some ongoing work on migrating server infrastructure that would make it possible.

For now you could just upload a copy of quantizers.lib with your patch and import it directly, does that work?

Oh, ok.

Would it work if I upload it directly from my laptop, then?

That’s what I’ve suggested to do!

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Lol, sorry, missunderstood.