Firmware update problems owl mk1

Edit: changed the title to reflect my current question, rather than starting a new thread. See the second answer

I’m using the owl pedal mk1, so I’m a little bit limited with the space for each patch. I’m using it with Faust, and it seems like Faust patches get rather large when compiled online… For example, the smallest possible Faust program “process = _;” creates a sysex file that is 24kb.

Are there any good general ways to reduce the file size of Faust patches? For example, it seems like filters generally take up a lot of space, which gets annoying since filters are such a fundamental building block for almost all dsp

There’s a minimal amount of bytes that every patch will use, even if it’s not doing anything useful. That sysex should give you 21kb (sysex file becomes 8/7 from what is used when patch is loaded on device due to encoding algorithm used), so that sounds about right to me for a bypass patch.

Generally FAUST has no problems with patch size as it ends up compiled as C++ and not too bloated. Filters are quite cheap in terms of code size and computation, not sure what makes you think that it’s not the case.

You can upgrade firmware if you’re running legacy OwlWare to use more RAM for patch code and to be able to overwrite all patches on flash storage.

You can further reduce patch size if you compile patches manually with custom compiler flags. Maybe you’ll also get some improvements from newer FAUST compiler compared to what we have on web compiler here.

I just noticed that the code size shrank a lot when I simply removed two VA-filters. You have to have some patience with me as I’m not an experienced dev, just trying to figure things out as I go :sweat_smile: Having really fun with the owl so far.

However, I can’t seem to update the firmware. I followed all the steps for updating, along with installation of drivers through Zadig. The firmware updtaer just won’t recognize the pedal when it’s in bootloader mode, no matter the amount of restarts or other things. I’m on windows 10 with the latest version of Chrome

I’m not really an expert in Windows, but there’s several posts on forum from people explaining how they got DFU working with Zadig, i.e. 1, 2

Managed to get it updated, had to find the legacy webDFU updater first

Oh wow, the new firmware is so much more user friendly - I couldn’t see cpu usage or memory errors or anything on the old firmware. This will make development much much easier! :slightly_smiling_face: