Got my Witch, now how to connect it MIDI keybord or controller or DAW and make music?

hi all,
I am a novice in the world of sound design and sonic explorations, but as soon as I found Witch, I knew I gotta have the synth.
now, I have seen all those few wonderful videos of folks making Witch to sing and growl, with or without a keyboard, but I just cannot figure out how to connect it to my audio interface or DAW (Abletonm Live 11) or MPE keyboard - yes, I have seen the online docs, but still nothing. however, I could connect to online patch editor using Chrome browser, could download the patches, could changed the presets on the synth (orange/red buttons) - that worked fine.
could you please help me understand how to connect Witch, please explain like you would to 5 year old.
many thanks in advance.

Hi Lev,

Its audio output is in top right corner and it has a TRS minijack, so you will most likely need a stereo to dual mono cable to connect each output channel.

You can also connect a USB cable from your PC to USB device port (square port left of the audio output) on Witch, then you should be able to use it as a MIDI and/or audio interface.

You should connect that keyboard to USB host port on the Witch (next port on the left, so in center of top row). Which MPE keyboard are you using?

hi antisvin,
many thanks for the detailed instructions, man, you made my day!
I have managed to connect and play all the patches - what an amazing synth!
now all works fine!
regarding MPE, I am using Roli Seaboard Rise…
thanks so much again. take care.

Ok, so in regards to playing it with MPE keyboards, it would be interesting to know if it works well for you. There are a few quirks to keep in mind:

  1. reconnecting to USB host port currently is not supported, you will have to reboot Witch if you unplug and plug the keyboard

  2. make sure that the keyboard uses only channels than the patch supports, i.e. if there are 6 voices in the patch you must use channels 2 - 7 (channel 1 is used by MPE as a master channel).

  3. it uses 48 semitones pitchbend range by default, but you probably won’t have to worry about this as IIRC the Seaboard does the same

  4. in case of Linnstrument, it may be necessary to reconfigure it to send less detailed MIDI data in some cases. I’m not sure if there’s such problem with Seaboard, but it’s something to consider if MIDI behaves weird (i.e. some notes don’t arrive)

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