How do I save a patch?

Hello again

Sorry, but I am having problems figuring out how to choose where to save a patch, and how to actually save it.
Loading the patch from website to the owl-modular works fine, and I then see the patch as the first item in the patchlist-menu in the owlcontrol. I guess this is because it is now in RAM on the OWL?
How do I then save it to one of the available user-slots in memory, so I can use it again later?

Obviously I am missing something, but I can’t find any description of how to actually save patches in the documentation.

All the best.

In order to store a patch you will need to use the OwlControl application

  1. click the Download Sysex link on the Patch Details page and save the file
  2. in OwlControl go to Tools / Load Patch from File and select the .syx you just downloaded
  3. once uploaded, select which slot to store in
  4. optional: click Save to OWL to make this (and all other settings) the default on startup

Yes, this works!
Thank you very much.

Could be nice with more than 4 slots…

Now I have to have a look at GEN to see, what I can do with it…

All the best