How to send MIDI clock from Lich’s USB B to Lich’s USB A?

Hi there !
I just realised that my Keystep (plugged into the Lich’s USB A host) do not receive the « start/stop/clock » messages from my DAW ! (via the Lich’s USB B)

Also the [midiin] , [midirealtimein] and [midiout] are not in the list of pure data object compatible with heavy !
is there a specific way to do so ? :sweat_smile:

Thanks !

Ok, so after a bit more of reserch, it seems that OWL do not support others midi messages than : note, bend and CC ! :sob:

Is it technically possible, in a new firmware, to make midi « thru » communication between USB A and B ? (No need to have the clock into pure data, since you can alway do a workaround with one Gate input + tap tempo into Pd)

Yes it’s definitely possible, and it’s good to get a specific feature request like this.

There are really three sides to this:

  • in Pure data, using Heavy, we don’t support all message types (though in C++ patches we do)
  • there’s no default routing of messages between interfaces
  • for routing messages within a patch, we don’t yet set a unique ‘port’ id (distinct from MIDI channel, the port is used to distinguish USB MIDI messages from difference interfaces) which will be needed for the patch to direct messages to specific destinations

I envisage that we will define at least these different ports:

  • USB Device: the primary MIDI interface
  • USB Host: any plugged in MIDI controller
  • Serial MIDI, as available on the Magus TRS jack
  • all destinations

Maybe we should start managing timing in firmware. I would say that just exposing this to MIDI is insufficient, there are 2 aspects here:

  • acting as sync master or slave device (or we can call it leader/follower for politically correct hardware)
  • different sync channels used - serial MIDI, USB MIDI, digital bus, CV

And a related concept is support for patch play/stop/pause events - again, could be provided by MIDI or bound CV channels/buttons. It doesn’t make sense for every patch, but some can react to this in a meaningful way.

Yeay ! That’s very nice to read that’s possible !!! :partying_face: :+1:
In my setup, Lich’s midi start/stop/clock from USB B (leader :nerd_face:) to USB A (follower) added to USB audio capability will make my « musical routine » a real « more enjoyable musical moment » way more than my actual usb/cable/hub/AudioInterface management before being able to recording anything ! :cowboy_hat_face:
Thanks !
I already can’t wait to use it !!! :heart_eyes:

I have some more ideas for futur firmware:

-being able to control the led of the gate out in PureData, like we already can with buttons ! (To make it an audio clipping indicator, non « gate » related)
But, i already can do this with buttons, so, it’s realy not a big deal.

-being able to record the audio Output of the loaded patch via USB audio ! (Actually the USB record directly from the input, without the Lich’s patch audio FXs, witch lost the Lich’s audio effects in the process.

Maybe i should create a new topic for that…:nerd_face:

Thank you very much for your hard work guys !!! :+1: