I want to try/use faust - fail

hi there,
this is embarrassing for me to write but this time i don’t want to fail completely and have an unused module sitting around!
i bought genius because of the physical modelling patches made with faust. i have no idea what faust is and i am an absolute beginner with everything code related, i can’t even use terminal correctly it seems. years ago i bought a bela salt and failed so utterly to make it do anything (i tried loaded some pd patches on it) that i now have an expensive module sitting in a cardbox with no use. i don’t want this to happen with genius.
i got the correct links to the current release of faust, tried going through the installation step by step but when i type faust into terminal i get faust: command not found
so clearly faust isn’t on my machine.
i have all the available tutorials open in my browser but nobody expected such a beginner like i am it seems :frowning:

can someone help me with links or guidance? i know this isn’t a faust forum but in the end i want to use owl/genius with faust!

If you’re not sure what you’re doing, it makes more sense to just use the web patcher to build FAUST patches.

To build FAUST patches for OWL you need not only FAUST, but also ARM GCC compiler and maybe more software depending on which OS you use. I would guess that 98% users here just use online compiler.

Also, a good (and more active) place to ask question about FAUST is their slack channel

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thanks alot for replying!

but see, i don’t even understand your answer completely… you linked to the patch library, i don’t understand how i should be able to build faust patches there.
see, i am mostly interested in the physical modeling patches, as stated above and of course i don’t want to build such instruments from scratch but i imagined to open such an example, understand approx. what it does and then make some changes to my liking and obviously make it somehow compatible with owl/genius. but now i start to think that that’s wishful thinking. i know max and pd pretty well but i really don’t understand text based coding well…
what is slack exactly? i can’t create an account there it seems. ahhh, i burn all electronics and play the flute again.

If you want to get started with Faust, I would recommend using the https://faustide.grame.fr/ online IDE / compiler. There you can start writing simple Faust programs.

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thanks this works for simple examples and for studying them!

Read material here: https://faustdoc.grame.fr

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I found this workshop a really useful starting point.



thanks, i am reading everything atm. this 2015course was also the guidance for installing faust, but it turns out the page is obsolete (said the author of it, romain michon) so the installation didn’t work out.
anyhow, i think i manage the programming language, there is good information out there. but the actual installation on my computer, with all the helper software needed, python, pip etc etc is my problem. i would like to be able to use faust without internet access, so i guess i need to try again and again and again.

If you just want to play ready made Faust patches from the Owl Patch Library, have you figured out how to upload patches to your Genius device?

Should be same method as Befaco Lich:


You can try uploading this Faust Flute to see if it works

P.s. big fan of yours btw :slight_smile:

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i haven’t uploaded a patch besides the factory patches, but i’m excited to go through the library. my main goal is faust though and to be able to build/create some ideas i have.
thanks for your kind words!