Is Lich - WindDrone patch making trigger clicks on audio out for you? (old library patches need to be recompiled?)

*check the response below

This is the patch: OWL Patch Library – Rebel Technology
I don’t remember it clicking on firmware 21.0 , i might be wrong though.
I just upgraded finally and noticed that the audio out will also output gate clicks. Thought maybe my soldering is falling apart and removed the gate out connection

Just wondering if it clicks for any of you also.
I don’t know much about the Lich/PD stuff but would be nice to get this patch working as intended and not have gate out bleed into audio out.

hmm…maybe it needs to be recompiled before upload? I put the gate connection back on, uploaded it to my own patch page and had the site compile the pd patch and then put on the Lich. There is no clicking from audio out now.
If I go to the original patch and simply load it into Lich, there is clicking. :neutral_face: