Is this Owl Modular faulty?

Hi All,
Not sure I’m posting this in the correct place,so apologies if not, and could you direct me the where it should be.
I recently got a O M and there are two main issues I’ve got issues with -

  1. The Acid Groovebox patch is barely audible compared to the rest.
  2. I can’t seem to get much in the way of delay/reverb out of the relevant patches before the effect seems to stop and background noise takes over. Certainly they are nothing like what I’ve seen on the demo vids.
    I’ve tried it in my rig and also powered on its own from another PSU, but using the mixer and via from my rig but there is no difference.
    Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

Hi Max, welcome to the forum!

  1. so to get sound out of the Acid Groovebox you need to keep tapping the pushbutton, or better: feed a clock into the PUSH input (left one). Still low? How about the XFM Oscillator patch, also low?

  2. that doesn’t seem right. It’s worth checking the device input/output gain settings with OwlControl. On the OWL Modular they should be 0dB in and out by default (‘low’ sensitivity setting). That should be perfect for Eurorack modular levels.

btw when you’ve launched OwlControl, click the Load from OWL button to bring up your current settings.

Hi Mars,
Thanks for your quick replies. All seems to be working now. I loaded ‘OwlControl’ onto my mac and checked the settings you mentioned - all was set as you said.
I went through each of the patches and reloaded them, they all seem to be doing there thing now, especially the Groovebox now that I’m giving it a clock pulse.
I’m running v 12, is there any advantage in moving up to the latest?


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