Issues Using Sensel Morph with Witch

I have been trying to use my Sensel Morph with the Witch, but it seems like once I plug it in, it works for really a few minutes at most, then the notes just lock, the keyboard no longer triggers notes.

The device itself will work (note trigger works, dials work, etc…

Since you cannot disconnect the USB and reconnect it without restarting the Witch, this pretty much makes it useless for any sort of performance. The Sensel Morph hasn’t caused me issues with other devices. Using it with Pigments at the moment and it is fine.

Odd, I wonder why. Does this happen with all the Expression patches?

Would be good to trace the message stream, to see if there is a disconnection, reset, or some unsupported message sequence. I’ll see if I can borrow a device from somewhere to test with, but I’m away atm so it won’t be for another two weeks.

The reset and reconnect issue is really annoying, need to fix that too! Possibly the two could be related.