Just finished Building the DIY Lich... but I appear to have a dead OWL board!

I have Built the LICH DIY and I am having a problem. The Smoke test passes… but there is no life (nothing lights up … no led… no 7 segment display, nothing appears to indicate it is getting power. I have verified that 5v is going to the Owl board when I don’t have the OWL board attached… However, when It is attached and I power it up… Some MM probing shows that locations that Should be getting 5v. are only getting 2.5v. I am currently going through all of the Resistors and verifying from the color coding that I don’t have one with the wrong value soldered in somewhere. I don’t think I do, I was very careful when I installed them and I tested them before soldering.

I asked in my Latest email interaction with a Rebel support person if there is anyway to verify the integrity of the OWL board. They directed me to this forum for all OWL questions. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I can’t help you with troubleshooting Lich, but testing OWL board on its own is fairly easy. You can take out the digital OWL board, connect pins marked VBUS and 5V with a jumper cable and power from its microUSB port. This should give you a new USB device if the board works.

With the board connected and powered by USB as @antisvin suggests you could check the voltage at the 5V and 3.3V pins (marked 3v3 on the OWL board).

OK… I’m extremely late in responding to this… because the Whole Lich kit has been abandoned on my work bench … Now I’m back to it again. I tested the OWL board, as was suggested … It checks out! Shows up on my Mac as an “OWL MIDI”. device on my Mac … I also checked the 5v pins and the 3v pins and get good MM readings… So I guess that means its got to mean the problem still lies somewhere in my LICH boards. :frowning: Any suggestions on what components to check on the LICH Kit?