Lich A B C D pots range in PD

Hi all, I hope this is not a stupid question. I wanted to ask if you could guide me to the right place to find info/docs on the range of the A B C D pots controls on the Lich - specifically coming into / when coding in Pure Data or Max/MSP. I assume the range of all of them would be 0 to 1 float values?

Also is there a way to print / de-bug the Lich while coding in PD? Essentially like you would do if you have a Midi controller connected to PD or like with the web page?

Thank you

I believe you are correct, the range for pots A, B, C and D is 0.-1. float values

According to the OWL docs print statements can be read in the browser: Pure Data OWL Patches | OpenWareLab
Connect to your device here: