Lich build issue

I’ve got an issue that I think I’ve tracked down to a bad connection between R108 and C104, but the area in question is now underneath a pot. I’ve tried warming up the solder from the other side, but no luck.


  1. I’m thinking it might be easier to cut the pot off and desolder 1 leg at a time, then replace with a new pot once the issue is repaired. Does that seem reasonable, or do you have a better idea?
  2. What replacement pot do I need? I measure ~ 90k linear, but don’t know the model.
  3. Is this the right place to ask for build help like this? Or Befaco?

Is it not possible to resolder from the top (ie component side)? Or is the problem that there is a short between them?

Let’s try summoning @Befaco !

1 - This is the reason why is stated in the build manual not to solder the location lugs, so if you need to check underneath during troubleshooting, you can bend the pot.
You can cut both location lugs and bend the pot to get access.
2 - You can find these pots in our webshop. They are quite hard to get that footprint. Value is 100k linear
3 - is the place!

All better now.
I’m sure this will surprise nobody, but I found and fixed a bad solder joint - it was on R108, but I couldn’t access it well with a pot over the top and tall stuff nearby on the other side. Clipping the location lugs was the tip I needed - THANKS!

@Befaco -
I looked over the instructions a couple times and didn’t see anything explicit about the location lugs. I don’t think leaving them unsoldered forever is the right answer though - they look like they would support the PCB when the buttons are pressed or USB connectors used.

Next time, I plan to do something like this:

  1. Build per instructions, but don’t solder pot location lugs
  2. Power on and test all I/O functionality. I use this patch.
  3. Troubleshoot as needed.
  4. When all looks good, finally solder the location lugs.
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These remarks should be in the docu already! my bad, will add them straight away!!!