Lich calibration problem

I’ve finished building lich, upgraded firmware to v22.4.0 and encountered a problem while trying to calibrate CV input. High measured 5.03, low measured -4.98, clicked ‘Calibration’ then clicked ‘Store settings’ and moment after that my number display goes dark and buttons light up in order: left, right, left, right, left, right and then left stays on. Module is unresponsive after that unless I reset power in my rack, then it’s back on but the calibration is not preserved. Any one encountered something similar?

Yes, to calibration issues not being preserved in latest firmware. I was told to roll back to a previous firmware (think it was v22.0 but search forum to find it) till this if fixed.

Hmm, I don’t have access to my rack right now but I will try to downgrade the firmware and see if this solves the problem next time I will, thank you for responding.
I was also considering that the weird unresponsive state of the module might be a result of my rack not getting enough power. I assume that the process of uploading calibration file or firmware update might require more power than a regular operation of the module :thinking:
I will calculate total power consumption of my rack and see if I’m not exceeding the power supply capabilities

what firmware did you have before? was this a totally fresh module that you upgraded before calibrating or uploading patches to?

Fresh build, I’ve updated before calibrating or uploading patches. I remember there were 4 default patches on it already when I started it for the first time

I think it is similar to a problem I had.
My lich had super old firmware and I upgraded straight to the newest… this caused a bunch of problems and I basically had to downgrade back to 22.0 and wipe the memory manually through the " my patches " section on the site. Then I upgraded lich with each point release (not candidates) until it got to the latest firmware.
Maybe it is what you need to do to correct the firmware upgrade. You have to downgrade and manually wipe all the patches from memory.

@undefined , upgrading firmware version by version is not really necessary, generally it gives the same result as upgrading to latest version. Either way you’ll need to wipe storage with the version that you will end up running.

Also, rather then deleting patches one by one, the whole storage should be wiped out. This gives different results, because just deleting a patch simply marks it as deleted by overwriting a few bits in its header. But it can still create issues if you switch to firmware that has some difference in flash storage format.

ah nice to know. I had no idea what was happening so went from version to version.

So yeah wipe everything while on the older firmware like 22.0 and upgrade.

Just a quick and super late follow up, calibration works fine on firmware v22.2.0, but when I try to calibrate on v22.4.0 I end up with the same problem as described in my first post, the module appears to enter bootloader mode(?) right after I press ‘Store settings’. I will have to keep an eye out for the fix

Yes, it ended up broken in recent releases. I think I’ve figured out why, so hopefully it would be resolved in the next update.