Lich calibration with a voltmeter

Hi, any chance of a video of the Lich calibration with a standard manual yellow volt meter that most people actually have at home? Having trouble with the calibration. Used the power rails ground as the ground reference but not getting any reading on the multed L out to L input connection as described in the calibration process. Can anyone give me any pointers? Any help is much appreciated.

Hmm, I only have an orange multimeter at home, didn’t know that only yellow ones can be used with Lich!

There was some info in this video - Befaco Lich - Demo and Build video - YouTube , have you seen it?

Hi Powlow,

a video is forthcoming but I can’t promise when!

Used the power rails ground as the ground reference

Use the sleeve of the patch cable instead, then you don’t have to dig inside your case and risk short circuits.

a standard manual yellow volt meter

Not sure I know what you mean by that, have you got a make and model?

We assume you have access to a regular digital multimeter, which shows either resistance, voltage, or current. And set it to DC voltage reading in the 20V range.

not getting any reading

after loading the test patch you should get +5V or -5V when you press and hold one the two buttons, either on the device itself, or using the web page buttons.

@antisvin you’re absolutely right, its orange hahaha thanks yep I saw that video but was wondering about where to reference ground with a two pronged voltmeter as opposed to that amazing Mordax Data module which I don’t have, although I’m sure its getting its ground from the power bus

@mars cheers Martin, yes I meant a standard cheapo orange digital multimeter, not yellow oops. True, much safer using the tip and sleeve of a patch cable out of the mult than reaching into the case. Worked perfectly, much appreciated, calibrated now

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