Lich firmware past 21.2.2 breaks 1v/oct functionality

I finally upgraded the firmware on my Befaco Lich to try it as an audio interface, unfortunately it has broken the MIDI modular patch on several of my devices that I was connecting via USB. The gate out still works okay but the OUT L 1v/oct gets stuck and won’t change. My macbook exhibits similar behaviors, usually the notes are sticking or not triggering, but it consistently breaks the OUT L output used for pitch on the MIDI modular patch.

I’ve tried different apps and monitored the MIDI to make sure nothing weird was being sent, all is normal. Downgrading to 21.2.2 restored functionality. I went back and forth with a couple firmware versions just to confirm and it is consistently breaking on any firmware past 21.2.2

I guess this is a bug report more than anything, is there a way to properly submit that? Anyone having luck with USB MIDI on recent firmware versions?

You could try installing this firmware build, calibrating Lich and hopefully that’s enough to get it working.

Thank you for the reply and firmware link, unfortunately that didn’t resolve things. It seemed to fix the issue with my laptop, but my ipad connected via a USB camera adapter are both still not sending pitch via OUT L. Same situation with my iphone. Gate seems to be working okay. I once again downgraded to 21.2.2 and MIDI is working fine.

OK, but did you calibrate it after installing this firmware? The problem is that you will lose calibration settings after the upgrade and it was impossible to save them in recent firmware version. I’ve fixed that (I think so), but didn’t get to test the whole process.

Yeah, definitely calibrated after and everything was looking good, showing 5.00 volts high and -5.00 low.