Lich: Invalid SysEx, but patches work

Hi there.
I have some problems with a SysEx error. Built the module, smoke test ok, calibration ok.
Factory patches also ran out of the box.
The problems somehow started with a firmware update. At least I only realized it since then.
I always get “Invalid SysEx” messages like this, especially in the firmware update tool.

And when I connect the VCMC to the lich, the VCMC also throws this error. At least since today. Last night not yet, that’s a bit confusing, as the message in the firmware updater was there from the moment I made my first firmware update. It says “SysEx ID not valid” on the display of the VCMC.

What also confuses me, is the fact, that the firmware version is sometimes shown as “OWL Lich boot v22.0.rc4” and sometimes as “Lich v22.2.0”, although I flashed the same file. (On the online device page, see following screenshots). And sometimes here on the device page, the “Invalid SysEx” is also shown, and sometimes not.

Btw, the patches work so far. Every knob does, what it should, the Lich takes the MIDI and processes it, e.g. in the harmonic oscillators, I assigned CC75 to CC82 to the faders, and I can operate the oscillator with them. Only the error message pops up in the VCMC and when flashing and sometimes in the device page.

Any ideas? I am a bit confused… any help appreciated