Lich is not sending input from the rack to PC/VCV

I’m trying to integrate Lich vs VCV rack and I’ve created to audio interfaces and mapped them to both Lich out and Lich in devices detected by the system.

I can send VCV → Lich and receive them on both Out L and Out R.
But when I try to send Eurorack → Lich via IN L or IN R I don’t receive any audio on VCV/PC. I’ve tried default and asio4all driver.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot further? Can it be the OWL mk3 bug in the software or rather hardware (soldering) issue?

Lich information:

  • Lich mk3 (diy)
  • Firmware version: Lich v22.5.0
  • Unique Device ID: 00480038:32395116:35383538