Lich is not sending input from the rack to PC/VCV

I’m trying to integrate Lich vs VCV rack and I’ve created to audio interfaces and mapped them to both Lich out and Lich in devices detected by the system.

I can send VCV → Lich and receive them on both Out L and Out R.
But when I try to send Eurorack → Lich via IN L or IN R I don’t receive any audio on VCV/PC. I’ve tried default and asio4all driver.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot further? Can it be the OWL mk3 bug in the software or rather hardware (soldering) issue?

Lich information:

  • Lich mk3 (diy)
  • Firmware version: Lich v22.5.0
  • Unique Device ID: 00480038:32395116:35383538

this seems to be happening here too. Enabling OWL as input in Asio4All or FLStudio Asio will prevent the audio working at all on my windows install. Disabling Input in Asio4All or in windows for FL Studio Asio will make output work correctly.

Same firmware, upgraded OWL board purchased from @Befaco and Windows 10 Pro

any experience with asio and inputs @mars ?