Lich with OWL3?

I saw mention from another user of a Lich with OWL3. Does anyone know if @Befaco is selling assembled Lich modules with the OWL3 now? Or is this only for DIY?

Yes, any Lich sold directly from us will have OWL Mk3. :slight_smile:

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Oh wow, so you’ve finally started shipping it? And with no official announcement about something that major!

Moreover, I think there would be some demand for replacing OWL2 → OWL3 on existing hardware. Is the OWL digital board in store also the new version?

We are doing a soft transition, letting old stock to be sold and slowly introducing OWL3.
We will do an offical announcment “soonish”

HI! any chance to update from 2 to 3?

Simply replacing OWL board with new version and flashing correct firmware would be enough. It’s fully backwards compatible on hardware side. I think that they’re out of OWL2 board and will send OWL3 if you order it in Befaco store, but you might wait for @Befaco to confirm this.

Yes indeed!
Send us a mail to

If we’ve replaced the old OWL with the 3, do we need to flash new firmware for the LICH to function properly with the OWL3?

Yes, despite compatibility with previous version, the hardware changed significantly (new microcontroller) and requires a separate firmware version.

Oops, no one mentioned it when I got the OWL3 board. I should probably take care of this before reporting bugs on the system! Is the new firmware and update procedure available somewhere?

Update procedure is the same, just a different firmware file and bootloader version to use (Lich3.syx vs Lich.syx, etc). It’s available among v25 release files. That’s if they send it flashed with at least a bootloader.

Actually I’m not sure if @Befaco will flash Lich3 firmware/bootloader by default or not. It’s quite likely that this would be the case as it’s the first supported device for OWL3, other upcoming stuff (Witch, Magus and more) is not finalized yet. But in worst case it would require obtaining a cheap programmer and using it to flash the bootloader first.