Load a _main patch

Hi, could you tell me if It’s is possible to load a patch which contains external objects? Can I use the declare -path method , but how can i load the all patch ? dgbilotte patches are an example
quadLFO: https://www.rebeltech.org/patch-library/patch/Quad_LFO#Source
eggbeater : https://www.rebeltech.org/patch-library/patch/EggBeater#Source

You cannot use externals, but you can use abstractions.

In the case of the online compiler you simply have to upload them on the same level as your main patch and they get included in the path.

thanks for the answer. It’s a shame I can’t use externals like on the Bela. But thanks for clarifying this.

Heavy doesn’t use any pure data code, only the DSP graph.
Bela instead runs a full pure data instance (although it can also build binaries using Heavy).

Btw I just had a look, this patch here below uses an external object called multi-osc.

also this one has multiple externals

the question is , how do you upload these patches that contain these objects and not sub-patches.
It seems bizarre to me that I can’t make my own externals but only use sub-patches. I would love to know how you upload a patch like the examples above to the RT library

I have emailed both Lich and Rebel tech. Lich told me they dont know cos they only do the hardware.
You are the only person who is talking to me. Thank you

@mars do you think you could help me please?
Thank you

Why is that bizarre? As I said: Heavy does NOT use any pd code. An external is like a compiled library for pd on a desktop computer. Why on earth would that work with Heavy and on a microcontroller?

You can use abstractions. That’s what those patches are using. An abstraction is a pd patch saved as a separate file that you can load in your main patch.

Just select multiple files and upload them to the website. There is really nothing else to help you with here.

If you see the first message I posted I am simply asking what you now seem to have answered: Just select multiple files and upload them to the website.
Thank you

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When you use the word “external” in the context of pure data you are confusing the conversation :wink:

An “external” has a very specific meaning, which does not apply to anything we are doing here with compiling patches for OWL. So use your words carefully because they prevent others from helping effectively.

aa yes, I see it now, you are right. thanks for clarifying it.
Btw I have tried to upload my _main patch with all the relevant abstractions. It works, however I get an error message saying : Have the search paths been correctly configured?
Do I still need to use the declare -path obeject ?
Could you please have a look at this : https://www.rebeltech.org/patch-library/patch/TEST_ONE_FR#Source

I at least see that you are using [list] object which is not supported.

I found this: Supported Pd Objects
It may help me to figure it out.

Do I still need to use the [declare -path ] object for abstractions that are uploaded together with my _main?

No, the local path is already used by default to find abstractions.

Ok great, I managed to upload a working patch. Thanks for the clarifications and the help

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