Loading C++ Files onto OWL

Hi everyone.

So I have a delay patch that I have exported as a C++ file with its appropriate .h file. I am trying to build a document guiding someone who only had the OWL pedal and some C++ code generated by Gen would be able to do “Step 1, Step 2, …etc.” to get their code running on OWL.

  1. Is there any way to load a C++ file onto the device that doesn’t require using the official web patch builder: OWL Patch Library – Rebel Technology
    Lets say if the person was traveling, didn’t have an internet connection and still wanted to load patches onto the device. Would someone be able to walk me through the steps for this?

  2. Are there any resources that break down creating patches in C++ specifically much like the tutorials on the website for Gen. I definitely feel more comfortable with C++ however comparing my patches with existing ones is not working as well as I thought it would.


Building patches on your own is certainly possible. The patch builder is simly a frontend for this - GitHub - pingdynasty/OwlProgram: Dynamically loaded OWL program . I’m using Linux and I know there are people that use MacOS to do the same. I’m not sure how usable it would be on Windows.

I’m not sure if there are tutorials that are targeted specifically at C++. I think that most people who write in it would be just looking at sources if necessary (I mean code in OwlProgram repo). There are autogenerated docs here - OpenWareLaboratory: Patch Class Reference . I generally don’t use it as it’s sufficient to rely on info provided by IDE, but I guess it can help to get familiar for someone just getting started.

And I’ve just reread your question. No, you don’t load C++ files directly. You load a binary file compiled for ARM architecture, it gets loaded dynamically by OWL firmware. You should realize that it’s running on a microcontroller and it sets hard limits to what can be done on device. There’s no compilers running on device itself, it just executes binary code.