Magus Expander Question

Will the Magus Eurorack edition operate normally sans Expander? I’m thinking of leaving it off, depending on where the Magus is mounted at a given time.

Also, if I read the other thread correctly, not all the Expander features are implemented yet:

–so I figure it might be safe to install the Expander later…

Any wisdom is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi Goofa!

The Expander has the USB ports so without it you won’t be able to load new patches.
Once you have stored the patches you want, you could run without the Expander with no problem.

There is an additional micro USB port on the back of the module, we recommend that you DON’T USE IT! (sorry for shouty voice; the module may try to power over USB which this connection can’t handle, and a small surface mount power switch will probably blow up and let the magic smoke out.)

And yes more Expander functions are coming. But you already get: line level /headphone input and output stereo jacks, and USB A and B ports for connecting to computer and MIDI gear.

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Doh!! Thank you— I’m convinced! I shall leave it in place :slight_smile: