Magus Modular screen issue

Hi everyone I’m very excited to have received my Magus Modular in the last week and finally patched it in today. Unfortunately though the screen is not working. I left the device on for a couple of hours after first powering it on and when I returned the screen had kind of “scrambled”. Now every time I power cycle or reset the device all I get is this parameter q screen. None of the buttons do anything except for the bottom right which when I hold it cycles through what looks like a broken menu at high speed.

Anyone seen anything like this before? Is there a way to reset the screen? Powering off doesn’t seem to be enough. Any other help or advice greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Cheers in advance,


It sounds like it is maybe an issue with the encoders, or the co-processor that handles them.

If you go to the patch library, click the Device tab, then do Device Reset, does that help?


Thanks for the prompt reply. I’ve tried running reset device from the device page on the web application - but it’s no different to power cycling the device.

I suppose I could try removing the module and re-seating all of the connections on the back. Would that be worth doing? If so, any advice for what I might look out for there?


I know almost nothing about electronics, but I’ve done what I can and re-seated the module and all of the connections on the back, but it’s no better I’m afraid. If it’s looking like a hardware issue then there’s nothing much I can do about that and will need to send it back to you I guess. What’s the best way to do that please?

PM me to arrange a return please