Markov chain patch for Lich

Hi friends, thought I’d share another patch that is “done” for now and available in the patch library here:

This demo video explains how it works (hopefully well enough): Markov Demo - YouTube

I’m curious to hear what people make of it and any ideas for changes or additions.


Can’t comment on patch yet and also I’m almost out of constructive criticism as the code looks too good. However, it’s better not to use arm_rand32 directly but rather call rand function. It would be replaced by arm_rand32 on ARM, but you still can make native builds on other platforms (particularly useful if you have to debug memory leaks with valgrind).

Ah, ok, thanks for the note on direct use of arm_rand32, I’ll update the code.

Wow that’s awesome!
I love the bit in the video where you mix it in with some drums - ace!

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