MAX OWL Package issues

Hello everyone,

maybe I’m posting too much in these days, but I’m a new OWL Pedal user and some things aren’t perfectly clear yet… sorry for the “flood”.

That’s the problem: I’ve noticed that Max OWL watcher doesn’t work properly, I suppose that the problem is the URL of the api in the JS file, will you release an upgrade of the package soon ?
Maybe you can tell us how to fix manually…


P.S: any chance to have a Mac OSX standalone patch compiler / uploader ? The web-based compiling is cool but in some case limiting (no internet connection… webservers problem ecc). Let me know…


Lots of posts is great!

We had a temporary server outage. It should be working against the old site again now, but I will get it redirected to the new site.

For a standalone compiler, we currently provide OwlProgram: GitHub - pingdynasty/OwlProgram: Dynamically loaded OWL program
It’s definitely for the advanced user! It’s a makefile system and is all done from the command line. Have a look at the pre-requisites in the readme.

Ok, thanks for the patience and the reply.

I am interested in the same thing (as in offline compile capability) and I’m planning to use the OWL modular to prototype patches written in several of the supported languages. I’d like some sort of self-contained build environment for the OWL which is easily deployable to any development machine and can get you up and running for OWL development asap. I’ve started working on it in my free time now and as soon as I’ve got it somewhat running I’ll push an update to the forum!

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Hey @bfabricius I am really interested in making a standalone application for Mac OS at least for now that lets me build onto the device offline.

I am trying to follow the instructions from GitHub - pingdynasty/OwlProgram: Dynamically loaded OWL program that @mars linked above on my Mac however having a bit of trouble.

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@hezi_TheBunny, you should probably be more specific about things that you’re doing and errors that you get

Also, @bfabricius was using Linux in a virtual machine to build patches - not sure how close is this to being called a standalone app. I think this is the end result - GitHub - bfabricius/howl: Hypervised OWL build environment for audio DSP patch compilation and dep . Some parts of it are obsolete now (there’s no more online compiler for PD/max, but its sources have been released).

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Hey, as @antisvin mentioned, most of the HOWL project is lying dormant because I am working on a different projects right now in my free time. However, the procedure to build the RT firmware and patches for the programmable modules from RT (both for which HOWL was being used) should probably be around the same albeit needing to patch a few bits to allow for compiling pd patches with the Heavy compiler. This project is now open source and available on github so you should be able to include it in your own build project.

If you are looking to build something entirely different, let me know maybe i can help :).