Maximilian patches on OWL

Maximilian is a cross-platform and multi-target audio synthesis and signal processing library, created by Mick Grierson at Goldsmiths University and used (not only) for teaching Digital Signal Processing.

We now support creating and compiling Maximilian patches in the patch library and with OwlProgram.
Rudimentary docs (what more do you need?) are here. And here’s a fun little sample patch:

Note that the maxiParam way of exposing patch parameters is our own addition, I’m hoping it will be incorporated into the main project eventually.

From the old Maximilian website:
“Maximilian is an open source, MIT licensed C++ audio synthesis library. It’s designed to be cross platform and simple to use. The syntax and program structure are based on the popular ‘Processing’ environment. Maximilian provides standard waveforms, envelopes, sample playback, resonant filters, and delay lines. In addition, equal power stereo, quadraphonic and 8-channel ambisonic support is included. There’s also Granular synthesisers with Timestretching, FFTs and some Music Information Retrieval stuff.”

We don’t support all Maximilian features, in particular nothing dealing with samples or requiring external libraries. At least not yet. If there is enough interest then anything is possible.

It’s the new integrations month and that might not even be the last announcement

Being able to do granular in quadraphonic would be amazing. If there’s eventually a method of dealing with samples that would be most welcome!

I think you should be able to use samples with Maximilian as you end up writing C++ where it’s well supported.

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