Midi Devices for LICH

Hi I’m wondering if the Beatstep Pro will work (connect) with the LICH though USB, specifically to send MIDI CC messages to control the MIDI parameters (AA, BB, etc). I have an LPK keyboard and it works but it has no CC encoders, but my MIDI sport 1x1 doesn’t work? I’m assuming The Beatstep will work but won’t buy one if it doesn’t work with the LICH.

It will most likely work, BSP is a fairly standard MIDI controller. It may be a good idea to use Arthuria’s splitter to power BSP from an external adapter as that lowers chance of getting noise from USB and guarantees that there’s enough power provided to the device. Also, currently all OWL hardware except Genius must be rebooted if you reconnect USB device, hopefully this would be fixed eventually.

Ok thanks for the quick response

What you’ll want to do is map the CCs. Look in the BSP manual https://aadl.org/files/catalog_guides/beatstep-pro_Manual_2_0_EN.pdf and look at sections 10.1 and 10.5.4. The CCs that the Lich uses are here.

I’ve used similar devices to control the Magus (a sibling device) and they worked just right off the bat. We do have a BSP so if you ask nicely I can test it with the Magus but unless you ask I won’t bother because I’m pretty sure it will just work.

Note I don’t think you can plug multiple USB MIDI devices in at the same time to the lich. So either you’ll have to play notes from the BSP pads/sequencer or you’ll need to get something like a USB->9DIN bridge to plug your keyboard in at the same time. (If you want to get absurdly fancy I think??? you can plug MIDI devices into the BSP to control it, but I don’t think ??? it does passthrough.)

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The issue wouldn’t be playing a keyboard as I don’t use one (I was only testing with the LPK25) I really just want to access more parameters on the LICH with CC, sync my drum machine to my eurorack, and sequence some external gear. I can do this with MaxMSP but would like to maybe ditch the computer.
Actually I’ve just realized I can’t do what I just described with the Beatstep because the LICH doesn’t have a 5-DIn Input, and my Midi Sport Cable doesn’t work with the LICH, so yeah I’d sacrifice the whole Beatseps USB Midi Output, just for CC Control of the LICH. or route everything through maxMsp to parse the Midi data to send to the different outputs. Ok food for thought. but thanks for the input. PS there is one solution but its simply overkill for what I want. This: https://conductivelabs.com/
But yeah overkill…

Correct, the only official OWL device with serial MIDI input is Genius.

Can’t you use serial MIDI from BSP or analog clock for that?

That’s it I’m not sure how/if the Beatstep would see the serial Midi and USB as separate ports? I would have to look at the Beatstep’s Midi specifications? I sort of assume the USB and serial Midi are duplicated at each output or am I wrong?

Ok so going through the manual each CC message can be routed to a specific port (USB or Midi) So in the end I would only loose what I need to control the LICH, as it seems to be very flexible as far as output assignments. Plus, yes, I could also use the DIN sync to my drum machine but the beatstep has 2 midi outs, so perhaps not needed Thanks for the help, and suggestions. Looks like it will suite my needs.

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