MIDI Sysex Manufacturer ID

I’m confused by the OWL’s MIDI Sysex Manufacturer ID: It is listed in the ‘MIDI Mappings’ file as ‘0x7D’ - but I thought this was an internal R&D (non-commercial) ID that can’t be used for any product released to the public.

Yes we’re not members of the MIDI association ($$$) so we don’t have an official Manufacturer ID.

The way that the OWL is used, with a direct USB MIDI connection, means there’s very little risk of it receiving unintended SysEx messages. With USB MIDI you just don’t have chains of devices as you do with traditional, 5-pin DIN MIDI.

We do have a unique USB Vendor and product ID :slight_smile:

OK. Interesting. Hadn’t thought of it that way before.