Modulated sine-waves in gen = SinesAtmosphereToggle... Patches

Here’s the blog post which is a background tutorial to my two recent posts in the ‘Patches’ area. These two patches were inspired by the 8th December Workshop at the Somerset House Music Backspace, where I was one of the volunteer helpers.

Included in the tutorial is how to make a ‘toggle’ object like the one in Max [X] in gen - essential if you want to use the Push buttons on OWLs, Alchemists, Wizards, etc. to switch between states.


Great stuff Martin, thanks for this!

looking forward to giving this a proper read!
mrSinesAtmosphereToggle002FM is especially fun, there’s some really lovely glitchy lo-fi noises in there :slight_smile:

Thank you. Part 2 turns out to be very interesting from a gen perspective as well!

Thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated. I have always loved making sound generators - right from the 1970s when I used cascading unjunction oscillators…